Improving our Food and Beverage Service

Amtrak CEO Joe Boardman

If you have ever experienced one of our long-distance trains, even a short distance, you know the train is a small community on wheels. As you pass through the countryside, you spend time catching up with family and friends, and many times, spending a good deal of time meeting new people and exchanging stories. At the heart of our onboard community is our dining car, a town square, where people come to gather and share a meal.

We know how important the dining car experience is to our customers and in order to ensure that it remains a part of your experience with us, we are committing today, to improving the financial accountability of our food and beverage services over the next five years. Our plan will continue and expand on initiatives that have worked, add new elements and evolve as updated information and opportunities lead us to better solutions. As always, customer service is our top priority and we believe the continued changes will help improve upon your experience in our dining cars. You can read more about our plan here.

Many memories are created in our dining cars and we would love to hear about them in the comments section below. Thank you for riding and I hope to see you on the rails sometime soon.

Joseph Boardman
Amtrak CEO and President