Random Act of Kindness on Northeast Regional

Random Act of Kindness on Northeast Regional

HerCampus Note

Stephanie Kaplan, founder of the online community HerCampus, came away from a recent business trip on our Northeast Regional train having seen more than pretty scenery. She also encountered the kindness of a complete stranger … first hand.

“I was doing work calls during my Amtrak train ride, and I looked up to see that another passenger had left this nice note for me on my tray before she got off the train,” Stephanie says of the unforgettable trip.

The note said simply: “Go you! Eavesdropping and wanted to say: You rock!”

Stephanie says she likes taking the train because it’s a “calm and productive environment.” The added bonus? Thanks to our WiFi, she doesn’t lose touch with the office (unless she wants to). “Plus it’s a great place to network and meet other people!”

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