Diary of a Downeaster Dash


Professional food blogger Fiona from A Boston Food Diary makes a living out of giving her opinion to readers. So naturally when we asked her to tell us about her trip from Boston to Portland, Maine, she was full of details.

“It was a stress-free trip,” she says. “I got to sit back and just enjoy the ride, rather than fearing traffic, or rushing for planes.”


Fiona spent most of the trip on the Downeaster reading  and watching the New England scenery pass by outside her window. (Note her photography skillz above.)

“It was such a convenient trip,” she says. “I boarded at North Station downtown [in Boston] and then just a couple of hours later I was in Portland. It was low stress and incredibly convenient.”

In addition to telling first-timers to be sure to bring a phone charger (every seat has an outlet), Fiona’s advice is to chat up the train conductors. “They have the in on the best ways of getting into the city from the train depot,” she says. “I was also pleasantly surprised at how friendly the conductors and hosts were–every announcement or check in was made with a smile.”

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