5 Steps to E-Voucher Happiness

5 Steps to E-Voucher Happiness

Want some news you can use? Here’s the quick, easy way to redeem your eVoucher!

eVouchers are electronic certificates that hold value for Amtrak travel. You may receive an eVoucher if you have to cancel an existing reservation, if you downgrade a reservation or if you fail to make your train. If you have an eVoucher that is burning a hole in your pocket here is how you can redeem for future Amtrak travel:

1. Check your e-mail
When an eVoucher is created at the ticket counter, you will receive an eVoucher receipt printed on ticket stock and may request an e-mail notification. For eVouchers created over the phone or on Amtrak.com, you will receive an e-mail notification only. Either way, check your inbox.

2. Print it out (or not!)
eVouchers are awesome because their value is linked to the eVoucher number, not to a specific sheet of paper. For example, if the paper receipt or e-mail printout is lost or misplaced, you can just print another one!

3. Plan your trip
We have more than 500 destinations across the country. If you have an eVoucher, don’t hold back! Go see somewhere you’ve never seen before. Maybe LA? North Carolina? Seattle? Just make sure to travel within a year of receiving your eVoucher.

4. Go to Amtrak.com
You can book all your travel and use your eVoucher on Amtrak.com but not on the mobile app. So be sure to go to the website when you’re booking your travel, even if you’re doing it from your smartphone. All you need is your eVoucher number. So easy, right?

5. Pack your bags
Now that you’ve used your eVoucher toward your next trip, you’ll be issued an eTicket for your journey. That ticket includes a QR tag that can be lifted straight from your cell phone while onboard or you can print it out before you leave for the station.