Photo of the Week


This edition of Photo of the Week is brought to you by Ibanda of the band Stay Human who traveled on a Northeast Regional train this week to Philadelphia. 

His relaxed, chilled-out pic won over our fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter, who voted Ibanda the official Photo of the Week winner! You all loved how his photo showed “Amtrak at its best,” with friends enjoying an adventure together.

For his trip to Philly, Ibanda joined band mates and musician Jon Batiste as they made their way to the Kimmel Center of Performing Arts in the City of Brotherly Love for a show later that night.

Amtrak’s Northeast Regional route is one of the busiest in the entire system. Its trains travel throughout the day between Boston and Washington, D.C., making stops in big cities like Philadelphia and New York City. Next time you ride it, see if you can spot these seven sights!

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