Photo of the Week

Photo of the WeekThis edition of Photo of the Week is brought to you by Jill who traveled on Amtrak’s Northeast Regional from Quantico, Va., with her two children and husband, a U.S. Marine. 

Her heart-warming pic had fans agreeing that the look on her three-year-old traveler’s face is what really won them over.

“I love the look of anticipation on the little girl’s face and the father’s obvious pleasure in taking his little girl on a train trip,” commented Marilyn Keller Rittmeyer, one of our loyal Facebook fans.

Amtrak’s Northeast Regional route is one of the busiest in the entire system. Its trains travel throughout the day between Boston and Virginia, making stops in big cities like Philadelphia and New York City. Next time you ride it, see if you can spot these seven sights!

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