Your Top 7 Train Games

Your Top 7 Train Games


Train travel is best experienced with someone else. And if you can show them your greatness enjoy their company during a board game while you ride the rails, all the better!

When we asked what your favorite train games are, you didn’t hold back. Here are the top seven!

7. Uno: This is like Crazy Eights but awesomer. You need a special deck, at least three players and a command over the Spanish language that extends to, well, “Uno.”

6. Scattergories To Go: Players need to be at least 10 years old to play (at least 21 to make it interesting) and are asked to come up with a variety of words within a strict time limit.

5. Twister: We have no clue how you would play Twister on a train, but more power to ya!

4. Cell Phone: The apps on modern smartphones make them a travel necessity, but we suggest unplugging while you’re on the train and enjoying your Digital Detox.

3. Frisbee Golf: It’s highly possible the passengers suggesting this had no clue what was going on.

2. Bananagrams: This is a rapid-fire word game for people who find Scrabble boring and (let’s be honest) too difficult. Plus, it comes in a handy zipped-up, fruit-shaped bag just for kicks.

1. Apples to Apples: Leave the Cards Against Humanity at home and go with this G-rated classic, instead. It’s quick, funny, easy and might make you a few friends in the observation car.

We’ve given you our seven fan-suggested favorites. Have more to add? List them in the comments section below!