The 5 Coolest Passengers on Amtrak

If you’re posting to Instagram from our trains, you already have our respect. But there are some passengers who take their train travel to the next level (We’re looking at you, Nerd Train).

We’ve got over 31 million passengers traveling to our more than 500 destinations, but here are the 5 coolest ones!

1. A Wise Man Once Said …
Everything is better with friends (and fedoras)!


2. The Forecast is Fresh
Some people wear sweat pants, others wear those weird neck-support sleep thingies. This guy wears a suit when he rides the train. Just sayin’.


3. Seriously
Nobody puts baby in a corner coach.


4. Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That
She’s even too cool for her own selfie! Or maybe the scenic views from our trains are just that good? You can decide for yourself next time you ride with us.


5. Hey, We’ve All Been There
The way the warm light streams in from the window as the gentle rocking of the train comforts its most wearied passengers … oh, who are we kidding? There’s just something awesome about this guy.


Join the fun on Instagram by tagging your photos with the hashtag #Amtrak. So far, there are more than 75,000 photos! What are you waiting for?