Photo of the Week


This edition of Photo of the Week is brought to you by Alyssa who traveled on our Coast Starlight, which runs between Seattle and Los Angeles, this week.

We’re not sure what filter gave her that cotton candy sky (did someone say candy?!), but our fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter loved it, voting Alyssa’s the official Photo of the Week!

Our Coast Starlight train is pretty awesome, too. When you travel on it, you’ll see the snow on the Cascade Range and Mount Shasta and some of the West Coast’s coolest cities (Portland, Seattle, Bay Area).

If you’ve never ridden one of our long-distance trains, the Coast Starlight is definitely a must-see. It’s a bi-level train, which means you can even ride on the second level of the train to enjoy the view from up top!

If you’d like to submit your best Amtrak pics for our Photo of the Week contest,  tag your photo #Amtrak. Each Friday we’ll pick the best one from that week to feature here on our blog!