Ann Tran Finds ‘Moving Moments’ on the Train

Ann Tran's Inspiration

Ann Tran, named one of Forbes’ Top 50 Power Influencers in Social Media, recently rode on Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor, enjoying moments of quiet reflection and a few photo ops along the way.

Despite her busy schedule, Ann found time to chat with us about her adventures on the train.

All Aboard: You’re always on the move! What are your tips for arriving at your destination fresh and ready to go when you travel?

Ann TranAnn Tran: By eating healthy, meditating and taking my daily power walk through nature, I manage to stay well despite my busy travel schedule. In general, if I am speaking or working at an event, I arrive the day before to eliminate any possible delay in travel, removing the stress factor out of the equation and ensuring my clients get my best work.

I also wear comfortable clothes and keep a positive frame of mind—I go with the flow, so to speak.

Our trains offer passengers great thinking time, which you seem to value. Do you take advantage of quiet time on the train?

Ahhh … the quiet car! It’s Amtrak’s awesome place where I can enjoy the scenery, daydream, listen to music or catch up on my social media streams.  I love to take photographs, and it’s fun and a challenge to capture an image in a moving train.

We have an #AmtrakGram photo contest running right now. What are your favorite things to photograph when you travel?

I was able to take this picturesque image during my train ride home from New York this week. One of my passions is photography. You know when a scene just grabs you, and you get that feeling of connection with nature?

Photos capture memories and make the journey last, taking a short trip and preserving it for lifelong enjoyment. I love the Instagram platform because it preserves all my photos from my journey. It’s fun to reminisce by scanning through your photo album and watch your photography skills grow over the months. Readers can join me on my travels by following me on Instagram.

What do you like to photograph when you ride our trains? Let us know in the comments below or share your pics using #Amtrak.

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