5 Weird Things People Photograph on Amtrak

Since we’re handling the driving, passengers tend to snap tons of photos on our trains. In fact, you’re adding about 1,000 photos a week on Instagram. That’s awesome because all your friends can share in your train adventures (tagged #Amtrak), but your pics also get a little weird.

When the sun goes down on your scenery shots and you’re tired of selfies, you get creative. Here are our faves.

1. Celebrity Spotting!
Miss Pac-Man travels by train. Who knew?

@housdan2. Too Cool for School
Proof that you really can control the temperature in your own sleeper. We hear these passengers like it nice and chilly.

@jamieblount3. A Small Angry Man
Some people take the Quiet Car waaaaay too seriously.

@GarrettRoss4. Jerky for Every Occasion
We’ve seen Bridesmaids. We’ll stick to the cafe car, thanks.

@ocjerky5. Strange Change
Now here’s something you don’t see everyday or …. ever … really.

@jaycarlonJoin the fun on Instagram by tagging your photos with the hashtag #Amtrak. We pick our weekly favorites and let our fans and followers vote on the official Photo of the Week each Friday.

What do you like to photograph when you ride our trains? Tell us in the comments below.

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