Top 10 Reasons We Love North Carolina

Looking for the perfect summer vacation to take advantage of our 50% off discount for kids? Try North Carolina!

From its historic landmarks to its sparkling skylines, the Tar Heel state is great for all ages. Still need some convincing? We’ve got 10 reasons you should head south:

10. There’s the beach, the mountains and plenty of history in between!
From the Lost Colony and Black Beard to the historic Woolworth’s counter in Greensboro, the state has plenty of sights and history to see when you visit. If these awesome pics don’t convince you … well … we know they will.

9. Raleigh handles its biz.
The capital city was recently named the No. 10 city in the country for growing a businesses. According to Market Watch, the city’s high economic metrics, education scores and concentration of commerce make it ripe for budding companies.

Raleigh with Train

8. You won’t go thirsty in Asheville.
Visitors to the Appalachian city can enjoy about 50 local beers.

7. North Carolina is “first in flight” thanks to the Wright brothers.
Originally from Dayton, Ohio, the duo is probably the most famous set of brother’s in American history. The bicycle repairmen created a bike-powered flying machine and flew it in Jockey’s Ridge, NC, on December 17, 1903.

6. Nearly 1 million passengers got on and off the train in North Carolina in 2012.
The top three most popular cities were (3) Greensboro with 134,888 boardings and alights, (2) Raleigh with 163,698 and finally (1) Charlotte with 193,144.

NC Train Travel

5. They know how to shaaaaaaag!
It’s worth a trip to the state to see this in person. Hop on our new thruway service to Eastern North Carolina to experience this beach dance tradition and even try it out yourself. It’s less Austin Powers, more this.

NC Thruway Service

4. Amtrak spends big in NC!
During fiscal year 2012, Amtrak spent more than $65 million in the state. Wowza! That’s nearly double over the year before!

3. Cam Newton’s ‘Hollywood smile.’
Ladies and gents, can we agree on this one?

Cam Newton

2. It’s March Madness all the time.
Seriously … have you seen this?

1. SIX Amtrak routes run through North Carolina!
That’s right! We can get you to the Tar Heel state from locations as far north as New York City and as far south as Miami. Did we mention Atlanta and New Orleans, too? OK, we’ll stop. Check out your options here.

NC Train View

What’s your favorite state to travel to? Tell us in the comments below!

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