Train Travel Isn’t a Stretch for These Racers

Train Travel Isn’t a Stretch for These Racers

Team in Training

It makes sense for a group of endurance athletes to take the train. After all, it’s the perfect way to rest your legs after a long race. But when Amy decided to lead a 20-person half-marathon team across Virginia by train to a race in Washington, D.C., she did it so they could stand up and move around … after the race!

“We weren’t excited about the idea of driving and having to stay awake and not being able to move,” she says. “The train was convenient and allowed us to stretch and walk around after the race. Plus driving in D.C. is a nightmare.”

The first half of the Team in Training group boarded early in the morning in Norfolk, Va., with the second half joining them in Richmond later on the Northeast Regional route.

“When William came through to check our tickets,” says Amy of the train’s assistant conductor, “we asked if there was a way we could get our own section, so we didn’t disturb other customers.”

Assistant Conductor WilliamAfter just a few quick stops along the route, William had secured the group their own area of the train, allowing them to, “be as spirited as we wanted,” Amy says.

The added bonus? Assistant conductor William acted as the adopted team photographer, warning them of an upcoming team photo opp in Fredericksburg before the train got too busy.

“For people who haven’t tried Amtrak, they should know it beats driving,” Amy says. “It’s very relaxing. I just plugged in my computer and didn’t have to worry about anything.”