The Big Switch

GenSet Switcher

Did you know we’re constantly making environmental upgrades?

In fact, we’re replacing older diesel locomotives with these new, cleaner “GenSet” locomotives as you read this. They’re expected to result in fuel savings of about 50 percent and a reduction in emissions of about 60 percent for each one replaced.

And, good news, Chicago … you’re next on the list for deliveries!

So far, we’ve received multiple grants for the equipment replacements in California, Washington, D.C., and Illinois, and upgrades are in progress.

If you’re wondering what exactly a GenSet locomotive is, it’s short for “Generator Set.” These locomotives usually have two or three smaller diesel engines and generators instead of the large diesel engine and generator found in most locomotives. The smaller engines only kick on as necessary, resulting in significant fuel and emissions savings!

We use the GenSet locomotives as switchers to move locomotives and passenger cars around our yards.

We like to think of this as the perfect example of Less is More!