Cary Headlines NC's Train Day Celebrations

PIedmontOn May 11, Cary, N.C., will stand for the “Concentrated Area of Railroad Youngins.” That’s right, all kids are welcome to the free events this National Train Day at the train station in Cary.

In addition to Disney Channel’s Chuggington Kids Depot, Cary’s National Train Day celebration will include free giveaways, appearances by elected officials and model train displays. Sounds like fun, huh?

Cary is served by both long-distance and regional Amtrak trains. In fact, the Silver Service, which runs daily among 11 states, connects the town to both New York City and Miami. For shorter trips, there’s the Piedmont, which runs between Raleigh and Charlotte, and the Carolinian, which gets passengers in its namesake state to the Big Apple.

The best news is that kids ride for just $5 each way on National Train Day! Simply book your Amtrak travel between April 21 – May 11, 2013, and kids ages 2 – 15 will get a one-way $5 fare to and from any North Carolina destination on National Train Day.

Can’t take the North Carolina heat this National Train Day? Good news! There are 200 local events expected to happen all over the country. See what your community has planned here!

May 11 will be the sixth annual National Train Day, when folks across the country will be celebrating why trains matter to them, their towns, and their communities. In the mean time, let us know why trains matter to you in the comments section below!