Where There’s Will, There’s a Way

Electrical Construction Supervisor in Office

Meet, Will. He’s the Electrical Construction Supervisor for New York Penn Station.

He’s got one of those jobs you probably never think about.

While more than 9 million Amtrak customers are passing through our busiest station, Will is maintaining its 100-year-old infrastructure and making sure that you don’t see any interrupted service or power outages during your trips in and out of New York City.

“There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes, ensuring that we have power at the station all the time, making sure our service plant is fully operational or even something as simple as making sure all the escalators are working properly,” Will says. “It takes a lot of team work and dedication to keep all that going.”

This Bronx native and Navy vet is part of Amtrak’s Building and Bridges department, which works 24/7 and around your schedule to ensure the infrastructure our trains rely on is in safe condition.

It takes “full-time dedication,” according to Will, whose job also includes getting ventilation and lighting to train tunnels so other Amtrak employees can do routine maintenance.

“The average customer doesn’t see what goes on behind the scenes,” he says. “They only see what happens on the surface.”

So next time you’re passing through New York Penn Station, keep an eye out for Will. He’s humble, hard working and most importantly a powerful guy!

Get it? Powerful? (ha!)


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