‘These Rails Are a-Calling’

Rail Fans with Train

Somewhere between Michigan and New York, Jonathan started to hear a melody.

It was probably thanks to his 30 years as a band director (let’s be honest), but we like to think it was the inspiration of the rails that got his creative juices going and resulted in a one-of-a-kind song about Amtrak.

“My wife and I met so many nice people, and we really enjoyed the cities since we’re from a pretty rural part of Michigan,” Jonathan says of their Amtrak trip last Fall. “Just seeing all the people at Penn Station was neat.”

Once he returned home from his multi-week trip, he took to the recording studio. “I got some friends who are local musicians to help me record it, just people in my community,” he says.

The result? Well, you can hear for yourself!

“Amtrak makes traveling fun again,” says Jonathan, who’s also traveled to Portland by train. “The journey is part of the adventure, not just the headache you have on your way to where you want to go.”

We couldn’t have said it (or sung it) better ourselves!