All the Railroad's a Stage for Amtrak Employee

Silver Service Train Attendant

It’s clear why Amtrak employee, Preston, is a customer service star from the moment he opens his mouth.

The out-going train attendant serves customers on the Silver Service, running between MIA and NYC, and receives top customer service scores from passengers. Check out why Preston has such a passion for you—the customer!

All Aboard: What is it like riding long distances with people you’ve just met?

Preston: Every experience is different. The route doesn’t change, but the people are always different.

On a customer’s trip the spotlight is on you. You really can make somebody’s trip memorable in that small way. The thing that always resonates with me is when someone says I made a difference in their trip.

AA: How do you provide such great customer service?

P: It means putting yourself in the mindset of, “If I were that customer, how would I want to be treated?” It’s not about me—it’s about what’s best for the passengers.

AA: What’s the secret to your success on the Silver Service?

P: Treat everyone like they’re important! This is an experience for the customers. I may not remember all the people who travel with me, but they remember me because I’m a part of their trip. Plus, I’ve met life-long friends on the railroad!

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