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CMO Answers Customer Tweets on Amtrak Wifi

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Thanks to the recent expansion of free Amtrak wifi onto Midwest corridor trains, 85 percent of Amtrak customers can now enjoy Internet access on their trains!

We know you love your productive time on the train, but that you also have some questions. Why can’t you stream Netflix? When will long-distance trains have Amtrak wifi? And how the heck do you sign onto this awesome service? So we snagged Amtrak’s Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, Matt Hardison, to personally answer four lucky customers’ questions.

You can see his responses in the video above or tweet more comments to us @Amtrak. And, like he says, Enjoy the Journey!


Video Tour of Amtrak Roomette

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When you book a ticket on an overnight train, you have the choice to reserve a coach seat or a sleeper car accommodation. For sleeper car customers like travel blogger Kelley Ferro in this video, there are tons of perks!

First, you get your own dedicated train attendant to book meal reservations for you, make and take down your bed, carry your luggage, tell you when your stop is coming up and keep you company when you want to chat.

Second, all your meals are included. That’s breakfast, lunch and dinner when you book in a sleeper car. Your train attendant  will make you a reservation for any or all of them during your journey.

In an Amtrak roomette there’s ample storage to keep your carry-on bags, plus outlets for all of your gadgets. Each brightly lit roomette has huge double-decker windows and sleeps up to two people. The lower level chairs collapse into a comfortable bed, and there’s a drop-down bed directly above them. Both are complete with their own bed linens, pillows, temperature controls, lights, bed-side storage nooks and beautiful views.

Lastly, if you have a lot of luggage, you can check your heavy bags and bring a smaller carry-on into your sleeper car to save space. Uniformed Red Caps provide free baggage-handling assistance at many major stations and can help you when you board at your departure city.

So what are you waiting for? Miami, Los Angeles, Portland, and more than 500 other destinations are calling your name. Start your adventure today!


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