4 Reasons to Travel by Rail This Year

4 Reasons to Travel by Rail This Year

Empire Builder (Chicago to Seattle)

Empire Builder (Chicago to Seattle)

It’s the beginning of the year, and the perfect time to finalize your New Year’s resolution. While eating healthier, getting fit and reading more are all things we can get on-board with, here are just a few reasons why seeing America by rail should be top of your list.

Chance to Create Your Own Amtrak Stories

Taking the train is a wonderful way to explore America, and the Amtrak Stories we hear from our riders continue to remind us of that.  From the friends that take their annual cross country trip, to the families taking their first train-cation, the stories always describe a one of a kind experience.

Digital Detoxing is Easier on the Train

As more and more people rely on their devices to stay connected to work and play, it’s no surprise that many are looking for ways to take a break from the constant checking in. When you travel by train, digital detoxes happen organically—you get lost in a view, you strike up a conversation with a fellow rider, or get rocked to sleep by the gentle sway of the train. This year, let the train take you on the digital detox you want and need.

The Original Social Network

Whether you’re traveling solo or with friends, meeting new people is one of best perks of train travel. When you travel on a long-distance train, our dinning cars have communal seating, which creates the perfect environment to chat over a meal with new friend. As author and Amtrak Residency writer Farai Chideya said, “Something about trains and the people who take them make for good conversations and conversationalists.”

Comfort, Freedom and Views

No middle seats. No narrow aisles. No airplane mode. Just room to stretch out, space to move, and views that leave a mark on your memory. We believe that travel is more than getting you from point A to point B—it’s about relaxing an enjoying the journey. Whether that’s soaking up the majestic views from the observation car, or curling up in a roomette, you have the freedom to enjoy the ride your way.

What routes and rides make your bucket list this year? Share your travel plans below.