Book and Save with AAA

Book and Save with AAA

Julie Hall AAADid you know if you are a AAA member you’re entitled to save 10% on most Amtrak fares 365 days a year? But wait, that’s not all. To kick off the summer, we are offering an additional 10 percent discount to AAA members!

As if that isn’t enough to get you ready to book your next Amtrak adventure, we caught up with Julie Hall, Public Relations Manager for AAA and the voice behind AAA_Travel, for a little trainspiration for your next trip and insider info on travel perks available to AAA members.

Amtrak: AAA reports that more than a third of Americans are planning a family vacation in the next 12 months. What benefits do you think train travel offers people trying to explore the country?
Julie: The train provides travelers an experience unlike any other mode of transportation, with many perks that are beneficial to families. Train travel allows passengers to stretch their legs and move about freely while traveling, something auto travel doesn’t allow without stopping and adding time to the trip. On the train, families can relax and enjoy the scenery as they make their way to their destinations. Trains can also help families save on gas, tolls and parking expenses, plus many offer food and beverage service, alleviating the need to pull over and find a place to eat.

Amtrak serves more than 260 park lands, monuments and historic sites and AAA reports 49% of families plan to visit a state or national park this year. What are the top family-friendly park destinations you recommend?
Millions of families will be traveling this spring and summer, and national parks are one of their top destinations. Some of the most popular national parks, including Great Smoky Mountains, Grand Canyon and Yosemite, offer something for all family members to enjoy. For families looking for something off the beaten path, check out this video of lesser known national parks for some inspiration. To make a national park visit even more family-friendly, give kids a camera and turn their visit into a photo scavenger hunt! Stop into visitor centers for guides and learning activities to get started.

What benefits can AAA customers expect when planning a trip?
AAA members can enjoy savings of 10 percent off the best available Amtrak rail fare. AAA travel agents can also help members find the best accommodations, fun things to do, and save on local attractions and hotel costs.

As the voice behind @AAA_Travel you must be on the road or rails often. What are your go-to travel essentials for quick trips?
My AAA membership card and the free AAA Mobile app! Travelers can use the app to map a route, find the lowest gas prices, access exclusive member discounts, find more than 58,000 AAA Approved and Diamond Rated hotels and restaurants, request roadside assistance and more.