Battle of the Routes: California Zephyr vs. Coast Starlight

Battle of the Routes: California Zephyr vs. Coast Starlight

Here we are at our third and final round of Battle of the Routes. For those keeping track, the Empire Builder and the Sunset Limited are both holding it down in the winner’s circle. This time around we pinned the Coast Starlight against the California Zephyr. We knew this one was going to be a close one. But when we started seeing lots of “Both are great. I can’t choose,” and our personal favorite, “This is like asking which is your favorite child,” we found out just how close it would be. So what route came out on top? Read on and see what Amtrak riders had to say.

The Winner: Coast Starlight

After reading comments and #AmtrakStories from frequent riders it was clear, the Coast Starlight was the favorite. Traveling daily between Seattle and Los Angeles, the Coast Starlight links some of the most popular cities on the west coast. From Portland to Oakland, San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara, this ride hugs the coastline giving riders plenty of gram’ worthy ocean views.

But the views were just the beginning. Riders also gushed about their love for cozy naps in the sleeping car, tasty dinners in the diner and course the sightseer lounge and parlour car got shout outs too. No wonder Amtrak riders picked this as their favorite, this scenic ride has a little bit of everything. More from Coast Starlight fans in their own words.

“Starlight! Northwest is best,”– Benjamin

“Coast Starlight because I like the scenery better,” – Terry.

“Coast Starlight. Beautiful, relaxing, water, sun, and mountains. The best of everything, including Klamath and Shasta Lake,” – Suzie

“Coast Starlight without a doubt! Mt. Shasta and the Pacific Ocean, my head doesn’t know which way to turn, and I’m in heaven,”  – Lee.

“Coast Starlight, ….give me two tickets to paradise…” – Sonya

“They both have gorgeous views, but the Coast Starlight has the Pacific Parlour Car, which is absolutely wonderful,”-Sarah,

“Coast Starlight, oceans, mountains, plains, parlor room, the best and most scenic route,” – Paula

“Coast starlight because the views are beautiful,” – Melinda.

Did Team Coast Starlight’s words inspire you to plan your next great adventure? If so, head here to see how you could save on your next trip.