Battle of the Routes: Texas Eagle vs. Sunset Limited

Battle of the Routes: Texas Eagle vs. Sunset Limited

Each day, Amtrak trains travel through 46 states, the District of Columbia and three Canadian provinces making it safe to say that we can take you to a few great destinations. But with so many Amtrak views and opportunities for adventure we got to thinking, what’s your favorite?

This summer with your help, we’re going to have a little fun answering that question. Each month, we’ll post a Battle of the Routes question. At the end of the summer, we’ll share a list of your favorite routes. So keep an eye out for our Battle of the Routes question here, here, and here then make sure you comment, share and engage! First up, Texas Eagle or Sunset Limited. Here’s what you had to say.

The Winner:  Sunset Limited

Traveling from Los Angeles to New Orleans, passing though the southwestern deserts and bayou country, the Sunset Limited is as rich in views as it is in culture. Hop off in Texas to explore family friendly San Antonio or take it to Tucson for a new adventure. If you’ve never visited this part of the country, the Sunset Limited is a great way to experience the sights, sounds and of course the food of the American Southwest. Check out what real Amtrak riders had to say when we asked them why them Texas Eagle or Sunset Limited.

“Sunset limited because it takes me straight to New Orleans from Los Angeles. I like the ride through the swamps of east Texas and south Louisiana,” said Adrian.

“Sunset Limited because I have found memories of riding it with my grandmother 18 years ago,” said Meghan.

“Sunset – easy, it serves Houston (home) and New Orleans (one of my favorite destinations),” Jim.

“Sunset Limited. Bayou Country and the desert of western Texas, then across Arizona and into LA,” Josh.

“The Sunset Limited. The swamps of Louisiana are the best part of the trip,” Dean

“On the Sunset Limited, I feel like a cowboy of the old west,” Sergio.

Did you chime in with your favorite route? If not, tell us in the comment section below, #TexasEagle or #Sunset Limited. And for the Amtrak riders out there who couldn’t pick a favorite (and there were plenty), we understand. This one’s for you!