How to Stay Comfy on the Train

How to Stay Comfy on the Train

It’s summertime, and that means new adventures. With over 500 destinations and an easy-to-use booking app, now is the perfect time to plan that Amtrak adventure or catch up with loved ones across the United States.

We don’t know about you, but top on our list of travel priorities is enjoying the journey. Here are our top recommendations on how to do just that!

You can BYOB, but we got you covered.

Coffee, tea and hot chocolate provide the perfect elixirs for weary travelers everywhere. There’s something extra special about sipping your favorite drink while pondering the meaning of life on a train, or while planning your sight-seeing trips to NY.

Bring a comfy blanket or scarf.

Sometimes a little extra comfort by way of your favorite travel blanket or scarf is a must. Bonus, fold it in half or quarters and you’ve got yourself a mini pillow. Alternatively, you can treat yourself to our very affordable Passenger Comfort Kit (at only $10, it’s quite a steal).

Prep your ears.

Quiet Car full? Just want to clear your head? Ear plugs block out conversations around you, and headphones provide the perfect soundtrack to the awesome views rolling by out the window.

Indulge in your favorite read.

Get lost in the latest best-seller, a literary classic or grab some celebrity magazines at the station. Whatever it is that piques your interest, your ride is bound to be more enjoyable with Ta-Nehisi Coates or Hemingway as your seatmate. Don’t forget to check out Amtrak’s very own magazine, National, found in the seat pocket in front of you or here for easy digital browsing.

How do you stay comfy on Amtrak? Let us know on Twitter!