Your Checklist for Checking In at the Station

Your Checklist for Checking In at the Station

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You did it! You finally booked that cross country train trip you’ve always wanted to take. But now what? How do you go from a packed and ready ticket holder to enjoying views from the observation car? We’re a little different than our friends that soar in the sky. So take a minute to get versed in all the need-to-knows before you head out to enjoy your journey.

Getting to the Station
You know your hometown is an Amtrak served community, but where exactly might be a bit of a mystery. To locate any one of our 500 destinations, just head over here, enter any city and state and we’ll locate the closest Amtrak station to you.

Bonus Tip: Our Amtrak appwhich we know you already downloaded on your smartphone or tablet because you’re a savvy rider—has all of our station information and will directly link to Google Maps just in case you need turn by turn directions.

At the Station
We recommend arriving a minimum of 30-45 minutes before the train is scheduled to roll out. But if you’re new to the station, plan to check baggage or want to grab a magazine before your trip, earlier is better.

Checking Luggage
By now, we hope you know each rider can travel with up to four pieces of checked luggage. That’s, two for FREE and two for $20.00 apiece. Keep in mind, all checked luggage must be checked 45 minutes prior to train departure. Lines tend to form at the checked baggage counter, so to avoid BS (baggage stress) plan to arrive a little early.  If your station does not allow for checked baggage you are still allowed two FREE carry-on bags. To be safe, make sure you can easily manage the bags since you may be required to lift them into baggage racks once you board the train.

Want to start your digital detox early or need to plug in once last time to send the perfect I’m off the grid tweet? Just pop into one of our Metropolitan or First Class Lounges. Our lounges are managed by members of #TeamAmtrak and are exclusive to first class ticket holders or riders with sleeping accommodations.

Getting from the Gate to Train
Once you make it to your gate, have your eTicket or paper ticket handy. One of our Team Amtrak members will check your ticket to make sure you get on the right part of the train; coach riders in coach and sleeping car passengers to their room. Keep that ticket out, because once everyone boards, a conductor will stop by to scan your ticket. If you are a sleeping car passenger traveling on Superliner Equipment you may need to walk up a flight of stairs to your room. If you need help with your luggage ask an attendant for assistance.

All Aboard!
Get cozy and comfy in your roomette, visit the cafe car, or mosey over to the observation car because now you’re on the train and ready to roll. Enjoy the journey!