Team Amtrak: Working to Improve the NEC

As we’ve previously shared here on the blog, Team Amtrak is actively working to address the capacity and infrastructure issues along the Northeast Corridor (NEC).  If you’re one of the 40,000 daily NEC Amtrak riders, you may be familiar with two  projects in progress— the New Jersey High Speed Rail Improvement Program (NJ HSRIP) and the Baltimore & Potomac Tunnel Replacement Project. Recently, Amtrak NEC leaders joined the Federal Railroad Administration, federal, state and local elected officials to discuss these projects and reiterate how predictable, dedicated funding is essential for the future of rail infrastructure in the NEC.

As America’s Railroad, we intimately understand the pain points riders experience with outdated infrastructure and an overcrowded rail line. But as the majority owner of the NEC, which also transports 710,000 rail commuters, these specific projects (both outlined below), serve as examples of the critical upgrades needed to meet the high demand.

We aim to improve your journey with us, be it a daily commute, a weekend getaway or a quick trip to a job interview. We understand that there's still a lot of work to be done, but with predictable multi-year investments, strong partnerships with fellow transit providers and support from our riders, the NEC can and will evolve to continue to meet the demand of this thriving  region.


New Jersey High Speed Rail Improvement Program (NJ HSRIP)
The NJ HSRIP will improve service reliability for Amtrak intercity and commuter services by increasing capacity in support of more frequent train travel for Amtrak intercity operations as well as New Jersey Transit commuter operations. The program will create additional capacity to support the operation of two Acelas per hour between New York and Washington.

Baltimore & Potomac Tunnel Replacement Tunnel
The B&P Tunnel Replacement Project seeks to improve rail service and reliability, and gain crucial speed and capacity for Amtrak, MARC and freight users. Replacement of the 141-year-old B&P Tunnel will allow for increased speeds in the Baltimore region and will improve on-time performance. When completed, the project will help make Amtrak and MARC less susceptible to maintenance-related delays as a result of the aging infrastructure.


I think that #Amtrak is doing great work especially on the NEC. Before we go nuts on High Speed Rail, let's fix what we have first. AMTRAK will continue to be the Bastard Children of the Government as far as funding goes, so use waht IS avalable to work with what we have. The New engines, also the new Dining,coach and sleeper cars for the East coast are a great start


Amtrak does a remarkable job with the resources it has.  If only the US would invest more into high speed rail.  Riding the train is a great way to travel.