Happy 40th Adirondack

Brochure_Adirondack_Aug 5 1974_MAPToday is a great day in Amtrak history, because today we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Adirondack! With daily service from New York City to Montreal, this scenic ride is a favorite of city dwellers looking for a little escape, winos looking for a little wine and Canadians. But before we pop bottles and tip our conductor hats, let’s take ride down memory lane all the way back to 1974.

Adirondack Birthday
The inaugural trip on the Adirondack took place on Monday, August 5, 1974. It included a buffet luncheon for dignitaries and riders, firing of muskets, a schoolboy swing band and caviar. Yes, caviar.

We Heart Canada
The original route map from 1971 did not include international destinations. But that changed the following year. Oh Canada, we couldn’t leave you out.

What’s in a Name?
The route is named Adirondack in honor of the mountains of northeastern New York.

Still Rings True Today
One of the first advertising campaigns for the Adirondack used the slogan “Save energy—take our car,” a slogan that still resonates today.

Enjoy the Journey
The Adirondack is a 381 mile journey that follows the broad Hudson River and Lake Champlain’s meandering western shore. If it sounds like a beautiful ride, that’s because it is.

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