Exhibit Train Goes to the Natural State

Making its tenth stop of the year, our Exhibit Train is traveling all the way to Springdale, Ark this weekend (June 14-5 from 10 a.m. – 4  p.m.) for the National Railway Historical Society Convention! But don’t think our Exhibit Train is just for rail experts. We have fun stuff for the rail novices too. Don’t believe us, just check out the top 5 reasons why a visit to our Exhibit Train should be #1 on your weekend to do list.

1. It’s $FREE
Yes, a trip to the Exhibit Train is absolutely free. No hidden fees, no fine print, no surprises. Just some free fun. Who’s in?

2. You’ll Learn Something
How did Amtrak get its name? Are there really over 500 destinations? A visit to the Exhibit Train means you get to learn a little something new. Get ready to impress your friends with your new found train knowledge. 

3. So That’s a Sleeping Car
If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to sleep on the train, look no further. We have a display of our Viewliner roomettes right on the Exhibit Train. After you take a peak, you’ll definitely want to plan your next Amtrak adventure with us.

child and horn4. The HORN!
Come on, who doesn’t want to blow the horn at least once in your life. Be a kid again, it’ll be awesome!

5. Perfect for the Kiddies
When your favorite mini-rail fans visit the Exhibit Train they get to touch cool stuff and discover. What better way to spend a weekend afternoon?


Are you visiting the Exhibit Train this weekend? Don’t forget to tag your pics using hashtag #AmtrakExhibitTrain on Instagram. We love seeing your photos!