Best Places to Go For Less than $118

Train over TrafficWe’ve all survived the harsh winter together. Now it’s time to celebrate and go somewhere new!

Forget the stress of planning a car trip, never worry about the closest gas station, and feel free to use your phone when you travel by train this summer. In fact you can enjoy eating family meals in our dining car and take in the Instagram-worthy landscape from our observation car, if you’re a true adventurer.

Worried about the price of all this freedom? Don’t be. We’ve got you!

From April 22 to April 27, 2014, we’re offering cheap vacations you’ll remember for a lifetime at prices that won’t make you think twice! For savvy-travelers here are our top 15 best trips for less than $118. Check out the other city pairs we’re discounting here!

15. Chicago to Washington: $85
Both cities were named among our top 10 places to visit in 2014. What more of an excuse do you need?Sunset from the Train

14. Chicago to Minneapolis, Minn.: $59
There’s nothing more American than heading to the Midwest. Be prepared for apple pie and local brews. #America

13. Denver to Sacramento, Calif.: $117
Take the summer to see one of the country’s most impressive capitals. This guy is trying to see all 50!

12. Los Angeles-San Francisco: $55
Hollywood meets hipster in this bargain vacation that stretches nearly the entire length of California.

11. Orlando-Savannah: $43
Love history? Head to Savannah, Ga., to see the country’s first planned city. Then take a few pointers back to your own communities!

10. New Orleans to Houston: $48
They say everything is bigger in Texas. We agree … everything but the price to get there!

9. Los Angeles to Seattle: $104
Dude, grab your flannel shirt and Starbucks app when you head to the Emerald City. It’s home to the original store in the global coffee chain.

8. Sacramento, Calif. to Klamath Falls, Ore.: $40Amtrak Observation Car
It might be just a dot on a map to you now, but our scenic Coast Starlight can deliver you there refreshed and ready to explore Crater Lake, the deepest lake in all of North America.

7. Philadelphia-Atlanta: $113
They don’t call it Hotlanta for nothin’. Go there yourself to find out why!

6. Seattle to Sacramento: $86
Leave the rain behind and enjoy the California sunshine. At this price, there’s left over change for souvenirs!

5. Miami to Raleigh: $77
Families making the rounds to college campuses will want to head to this state capital to travel the famous Tobacco Road connecting nearly a dozen colleges and universities!

4. New Orleans-Memphis: $53
If you’ve got little ones, try the city’s famous zoo. Otherwise, check out the brand new Civil Rights Museum–a sobering piece of American history. 

3. Auto Train: $89Atlanta by train
Seriously, this is classy. Trust us. (Plus it delivers you nonstop from Northern Virginia to Disney World!)

2. Atlanta to New Orleans: $67
Find your creative muse on Bourbon Street this summer!

1. New York City to Chicago: $91
If skyscrapers are your thing, leave the Big Apple for the Windy City where the Great Lake views will take your breath away for less than $100!


Where are you going this summer? Tell us about your plans in the comments below!

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