CMO Answers Customer Tweets on Amtrak Wifi

Thanks to the recent expansion of free Amtrak wifi onto Midwest corridor trains, 85 percent of Amtrak customers can now enjoy Internet access on their trains!

We know you love your productive time on the train, but that you also have some questions. Why can’t you stream Netflix? When will long-distance trains have Amtrak wifi? And how the heck do you sign onto this awesome service? So we snagged Amtrak’s Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, Matt Hardison, to personally answer four lucky customers’ questions.

You can see his responses in the video above or tweet more comments to us @Amtrak. And, like he says, Enjoy the Journey!



we wanted safety issues answered 1st-wifi can wait but the emergency call button repair is far more important and the unsupervised children running loos-on recent trips they flooded all by one bathroom-they can be molested when they come downstairs and hang around the bathrooms-the doors locked and the people in the disabled cars are not responsible for watching the kids.    The call buttons at each seat have never worked and the bathroom light that says someone is in there but does not let anyone know he is having  a heart attack.  Joe and Matt please respond to those issues asap-they are safety issues, Keep a crew member wandering the train at night-disruptive customers in the disabled cars cannot go for help upstairs and with no working buttons it is hard to call for help. We had a under the influence young guy threatening a 70 yr old lady and finally passed out -upstairs people do not want to be bothered and most of the downstairs people cannot get upstairs and kids run down the stairs on them.  More later-this was a nice start but need more questions answered not just 3-4 .  thank you, video of how to report problems requires too much info from person who has arthritic hands-they need faster way-all passenger in car could be dead before answering all the info.