• Amtrak Riders’ Best Travel Tips

Writers will find great inspiration on Amtrak's 15 long-distance trains.

Amtrak Riders’ Best Travel Tips

We turned to  seasoned Amtrak riders for their best travel tips--and they delivered some helpful advice!

From offering the best route for a first-time rider to what to do once  you're on the train, this list will come in handy any time you ride the train to one of our more than 500 destinations.

7.  "It's a lot cheaper than air travel. Just like anything you have to book in advance. I go from Portland to Illinois every year round trip for two just a little over $500, and you don't have to pay for your luggage and don't have the hassle of going through security. Love, love, love, the train."
Jennifer Lehman Ludin via Facebook

6.  "Unplug and enjoy the scenery completely."
Guy Peterson via Facebook

5.  "The Coast Starlight is one of the best. Always upgrade to enjoy the private first-class Parlour Car and wine & cheese tasting."
Bill Ramage via Facebook

4. "Go on the NEC (Northeast Corridor) for sure. It's a short enough journey to get someone acclimated with riding a train."
Chris Barnes via TwitterTrain Snacks

3. "When you compare cheaper fares with Amtrak to Greyhound, the ride is more comfortable, spacious, and quieter with snack bar & dining."
Mac-the whale via Twitter

2. "Get a sleeper car when possible! The quiet is priceless!"
Bob Melloy via Facebook

1. "Try taking the Adirondack to Montreal. I did in the coldest weather and had a great time! The ride was smooth & the scenery was fantastic!"
Linda Murphy via Facebook


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Well I am on amtrak 25th June .traveling niagara to new york .. And never have I been spoken to so rudely by a cafe service attendant as today . I will be taking this matter further!@@ all we did was ask her what time she would open and got slammed by her . Well unacceptable .. ....and the service of the cafe to open took like an hour and a half from take off . I acceptable !!!!!!!!


Train from Kirkwood (St. Louis) to Kansas City along the Missouri River is comfy beyond belief.  A perfect 5 hours of writing time and watching the scenery.  Occasionally, an interview happens along, but if not the quiet gentle ride is as rewarding as I can imagine.  Thanks Amtrak. 


This lady needs a talking to by amtrak ... Unacceptable . ....it was not only us but the people behind us that she had attitude to .

Really need to lift your staff criteria. AMTRAK