Sneak Peek: Lancaster Station Improvements

Lancaster Station

If you’re one of the more than half million people who rode the Keystone Service through Lancaster last year, you know we’ve been working hard to renovate the station.  We’re now putting the finishing touches on the project, but wanted to give you (our favorite riders!) a sneak peek at some of the improvements. Check them out, and tell us what you think!

Tick, Tock
Lancaster-based Brent L. Miller Jewelers graciously donated 6 historic clocks that are now displayed around the station. But here’s the cool back story. Ryan Miller, Brent’s son, donated the clocks as a tribute to his late father, who used to ride the train from Lancaster to New York while building his jewelry business.  Today, the clocks greet Amtrak riders throughout the station.  How cool is that?

Brent L. Miller Clocks

Sprucing up the Waiting Room
Fun Fact Alert: The new paint in the waiting room is historically-accurate. That’s right, the State Historic Preservation Office approved the paint to make sure we were keeping it real.

Waiting Room

Have a Historic Seat
Refinished and restored to their original beauty, the historic wooden benches throughout the station bring a little old school character to the upgraded station.

Restored Benches

More Improvements Coming
In the upcoming months, we’ll finish painting the pedestrian bridge, clean  and paint some of the equipment above the tracks and re-install the antique lights in the main waiting room. We look forward to bringing you an improved Lancaster Station.

To Trains

What do you think of the improvements to the Lancaster Station? Let us know in the comments section below.

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I like the way the Lancaster Pa.train station's comin' along.I think every train station in this nation should continue upgrades to make'em more appealing.The station in Raleigh NC one day would move into a former industrial warehouse to provide more space & efficiency providing a new level of train & passenger service into the next few years.The station in Charlotte NC.for now needs improvements to some of the bathrooms & parking lot area.People who come there to ride the trains run out of space tryin' to park in the most convienient spot,Then run out of luck.Need to have a more Downtown Charlotte station with connections to both commuter rail & bus service.Hope it happens soon.Glad to be an Amtrak passenger.Love to ride trains where they take me.


Going to have to go out there just to see it. Been 'through' on my way from Downingtown to Harrisburg but have never gotten off there.