New Norfolk Train Station Opens

Ribbon Cutting at New Norfolk Train Station

Yesterday a new Norfolk train station opened in Virginia, allowing sailors, soldiers and civilians in the Tidewater area to connect to Amtrak's national rail network.

Norfolk Train Station"The new passenger rail station will greatly improve the passenger experience," says Mayor Paul D. Fraim, "while serving as an identifiable landmark for those arriving to and departing from Norfolk."

The new 3,500-square-foot facility, which includes modern amenities such as a ticketing counter and comfortable lobby, comes just in time for customers to enjoy Amtrak's flash sale along its busy Northeast Corridor.

Norfolk travelers can connect to the nation's capital then enjoy the special sale fare of $42 each way to New York City. Other reduced fares include travel between New York and Baltimore for $38 each way and between Washington, D.C., and Richmond, Va., for $19 each way.

The sale is available for purchase only on until Dec. 5 for travel between Jan. 21 and Feb. 13, 2014.

"A year ago, Virginia, Amtrak, Norfolk Southern, CSX and the City of Norfolk celebrated as their multi-year partnership to bring intercity passenger rail service back to Norfolk became a reality," says Thelma Drake, director of the state's Department of Rail and Public Transportation. "The Amtrak station in Norfolk is a beautiful facility that will greet travelers going to and from Harbor Park."

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Nice station!  I would love to see a train go directly from Charlottesville & Lynchburg to Norfolk roundtrip, with a schedule that would allow an early morning departure from the mountains to get to the beach by lunchtime.  That would be amazing....will it happen one day?  


Please watch and pass along this video that covers the opening of Amtrak's new Norfolk Station (Monday, Dec 2, 2012) in the context of the past four years of stellar passenger rail growth in Virginia.