Amtrak CEO Makes Work Resolution for Google

Amtrak CEO Joe BoardmanI was recently asked by Google to join its #WorkResolutions campaign for the New Year. The tech giant is challenging people everywhere to improve the way they work. Immediately I knew the work resolution I would be following in 2014.

I will hire more veterans.

Amtrak is making the commitment to ensure 25 percent of its new hires are veterans. As an Air Force veteran, I find this resolution both personally and professionally rewarding.

The leadership, reliability and high-tech skills veterans bring to the job are a great resource to the operation of America’s Railroad. And as a veteran, I’m honored and proud to add more of our country’s service men and women to the Amtrak team.

Most #WorkResolutions cannot be achieved alone. Amtrak’s is no different, and we’re working with both private and public partners to reach our goal.

Amtrak joins a network of companies, including Hire Our Heroes, RecruitMilitary and General Electric, that are committed to helping returning veterans by hiring them into highly skilled and reliable careers.

In the New Year we will participate in job fairs across the country. We will also continue touring our custom-painted Veterans Locomotive across the railroad system, which thanks all veterans for their service and helps in our recruiting efforts.

If you’re a veteran, start your #WorkResolutions for the New Year now. Believe in yourself, your skills and your service.

—Joe Boardman
President & CEO of Amtrak

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Iapplied to Amtrak but was told age cap for hiring was 50!


I'm a veteran and would LOVE to work for for Amtrak!! Have rode the train a few times and enjoyed it every time! I've looked at your listings and seems like I don't qualify for anything (experiences) but I'm trainable and willing to learn and travel where I'm needed.

I'm glad you're willing to hire veterans and wish the best of luck to you and those that are hired!

Happy New Years, Amtrak! Keep rollin' on!! :)