Great Dome Car Rides Midwest for Thanksgiving

Great Dome Car By Steve Ostrowski

After having spent time on the East Coast and along the Illinois Zephyr route, the Great Dome car is making its way to the Hiawatha and Lincoln Services between Chicago and Milwaukee or St. Louis this Thanksgiving. 

If you’re in the region between Nov. 25 and Dec. 1, you definitely should check it out! This is the only Great Dome car in the entire Amtrak system.

The awesome car features an upper level with windows on all sides (and the roof!) to provide you panoramic views of the autumn landscape, farmers in their fields and the picturesque communities along the route. Seriously, is there anything on Earth that sounds more relaxing?

Now for the insider info: There is no additional charge for riding the Hiawatha or Lincoln Services during this period and seating in the Great Dome car is unreserved. To book tickets for the trains, simply use the “Buy Tickets” box to the right of this post.

The special Thanksgiving run of the Great Dome car is the perfect opportunity from some #nofilter Instagramming. So be sure to tag your pics #Amtrak to join the conversation!

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