Moved from Acela to Regional? 3 Things to Know


On Wednesday, Sept. 25, a power outage in Connecticut caused significant service disruptions between New York and Boston along Amtrak's Northeast Corridor. It also created a lot of questions from you, our customers, as to how your travel and tickets will be affected.

Here's a quick run down:

1. Passengers on affected Acela trains have been re-accommodated to Northeast Regional trains and are entitled to a refund of the fare differenceNo refund fees or cancellation penalties apply to any partial or complete refund of tickets for affected trains.

2. If you choose not to travel at all, please cancel or change your reservations before your scheduled departure. When your eTicket isn't canceled or changed, it's very difficult to adjust afterward. Passengers who are simply no-shows will have to buy a new ticket and then sort their refund of the original ticket out separately.

3. Northeast Regional trains will operate but may lose as much as 90 minutes between New York and New Haven due to diesel operation through the affected area. We ask for your patience during this time.

We understand that you rely on us for your travel to important and not so important events. We appreciate your loyalty and apologize if your travel plans are affected during the power outage.

Follow us on Twitter @Amtrak for additional service updates. If you provided us with an email address when you purchased your ticket, we'll send specific travel information to you directly.

Thanks for your patience.


A ConEdison feeder cable that supplies power to Metro-North's Fulton Avenue substation in Mount Vernon, NY was accidentally severed by ConEdison crews who were making upgrades to a second backup cable.

Overhead wire power for trains is out from the changeover at Mount Vernon, NY to the phase break just west of Harrison station (roughly 8 miles).  Repairs of this type usually take 2-3 weeks.

ConEdison is in the process of trying to set up a temporary substation in the Harrison station parking lot, that might be able to power a small handful of trains, though initial prospects look grim.  If the temporary substation does work, Amtrak might be able to squeak through a small handful of Acela Express trains operating at a reduced speed sometime towards the end of next week.

This really is a mess, but hopefully it gets cleared up soon!
Patrick @ The LIRR Today