Google Helps Us Help You Track Trains

Google Helps Us Help You Track Trains

Track an Amtrak Train

Today we’re launching a new interactive tool that we created with Google to help you track any of our more than 300 daily trains and more accurately predict arrival times.

“This map joins several recent technology-related offerings that have improved the customer experience and changed how Amtrak does business,” says Amtrak Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Matt Hardison. “It ultimately changes and enhances the way customers travel with us.”

The new train location tracking map on gives you train statuses, estimates of arrival times and even station information for every Amtrak train across the entire Amtrak system. That means the map covers coast to coast movements, 365 days a year and can be accessed 24 hours a day with just the click of a mouse.

“This tool creates a new platform for sharing information with our customers,” Hardison says. “Amtrak will continue to add helpful layers onto this map such as local travel and tourist information to provide passengers a one-stop location for all their travel needs.”

To see the new Google-enabled technology in action go here.

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We would like to consider taking the train from Lansing, Michigan to Florida this winter.  What are the easiest routes for us.  We need to end up on the Gulf shore near Venice but getting to Orlando would be ok.  Let me know please.


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