Snap a Pic & Tag #AmtrakVacay to Win $200!

#AmtrakVacayWe're counting down the days until the long weekend, and if you're taking an Amtrak train during the holiday week, you've got the chance to win  $200 toward your next Amtrak adventure!

Simply tag your Instagram pics with the hashtag #AmtrakVacay by midnight on Sept. 2, 2013. Then we'll pick our favorite and contact you to collect your prize!

It’s easy, just use the hashtag #AmtrakVacay to get started.

Here's how to officially enter the contest:

1. Follow @Amtrak on Instagram … which you probably do already!

2. Take your best photo or video on board an Amtrak train or at one of our 500 destinations and use the hashtag #AmtrakVacay by midnight on Sept. 2, 2013.

3. Sit back and enjoy the rest of your journey.

See what everyone else is already doing by searching #AmtrakVacay

For the full official rules, go here.


I was just told that you can't take pictures on a train.  Not of yourself, not of others, not of the scenery out the window, nothing. policy seems to confirm this.  An inservice train is a "restricted area".  You have asked people to break your policy to win a cash award.  The conductor on my train told me that "people go to jail for this" (his words), and "it's not a joke" (also his words).  I thought maybe the policy was created after the contest, but he said its "an old policy" and they're just "getting serious about enforcing it".  Nice job.


This sucks when you don't do any of the above.  I just email!


@uspipes101 If this "restriction policy" is true, then there is comedy gold just waiting to be mined here. Media comedians will have a field day with this "contest" that blatantly breaks existing security rules.