A Wicked Love Train with #AmtrakGram

Our Northeast Regional turned into a true Love Train recently when boyfriend/girlfriend Kody and David traveled to a wedding in Boston and even spotted a couple falling for each other in the cafe car!

They say love is contagious (or they should say that it is), so it’s no surprise that Kody and David’s wedding adventure inspired other travelers to close the Match.com app and meet their fellow travelers.

Here are our favorite #AmtrakGram pics from their trip. To join the fun, tag your pics with the #AmtrakGram hashtag for a chance to win!


Let’s all say, “Awwwww” together then furiously start booking Amtrak tickets to meet the loves of our lives.


Quick: What’s the most expensive item on the table? Our guess is the Venti Starbucks.


Amen, brotha.


Is it just us, or are Boston customers “wicked smaht”?

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