Cheap Amtrak Tickets for Students

Cheap Amtrak Tickets for Students

It’s tough being a student. There’s papers, popularity, professors and principals to worry about. One thing you don’t have to worry about? Amtrak prices!

Did you know that we offer 10 percent off most routes, if you book with a Student Advantage card? Seriously.

If you’ve got a Student Advantage card (only $20 a year!), you’re even eligible for 1,000 bonus Amtrak Guest Rewards enrollment points when you complete your first round-trip on Amtrak. You’ll also receive two points for every dollar spent on Amtrak travel, or up to 750 points per trip on Acela Express.

Getting cheap Amtrak tickets is simple. Let us school you …

  • When you book online at, there’s a  ‘Passenger Discounts’ page where you can select ‘Student Advantage‘ as your discount type. Then, on the ‘Passenger Info,’ enter your Student Advantage membership number.
  • If you have a user profile, select ‘Student Advantage’ as your passenger discount type, and enter your Student Advantage discount number. That way Student Advantage will be pre-selected as your preferred discount type, and your discount number will appear, already filled-in, in the text field every time you book.
  • Just remember to omit any spaces and dashes when entering your Student Advantage discount number.

Want to know the best part? Both high school and college students are eligible for Student Advantage cards!

Last bit of info: Reservations, and changes, must be made a minimum of three days prior to travel for reserved and unreserved service.