Celebrate National Train Day with Us

Amtrak CMO Matt Hardison

Tomorrow we expect more than 250 communities to celebrate National Train Day across the country.

We’ve been planning this for months, working with elected officials and community leaders to bring the event to life. And we’re not afraid to dream big for National Train Day 2013. We’re hoping to see Americans come out in historic numbers tomorrow.

That means moms, mayors, mechanics, Tweeters, Instagramers and everyone in between. In short, tomorrow isn’t simply a celebration of the trains we run. It’s a celebration of the communities we connect--a celebration of why trains matter.

In the months leading up to National Train Day you’ve told us about meeting your spouse, spending quality time with loved ones, and even traveling to half marathons on our trains. You are what makes us America’s Railroad. Tomorrow is a celebration to thank you.

We hope you will join us at an event near you. Thank you for your loyalty to Amtrak.
All aboard!

Matt Hardison
Chief Marketing & Sales Officer


To whom it may concern,

I think National Train Day was a JOKE for some cities, for example the Oceanside Train station, where your website advertised saying the 2 locations in Southern California where National Train day was celebrated was Los Angeles and Oceanside. I tried to find out more about the events taking place but Amtrak was not very specific. My wife and I traveled from Mission Viejo down to Oceanside (about a 1 hour drive) only to find NOTHING! We asked around and were told by your Amtrak personnel that only a small goodie bag was offered and that there were no exhibits, model train displays, train car exhibits, etc and that if we wanted to see them, we would have to go to the Los Angeles train station! My question to Amtrak is, why did you advertise Oceanside as an event city then? And if there were changes to the itinerary of events, why didn't you POST it on your website? I am EXTREMELY disappointed in the way you handled this event. And I wasn't the only one who showed up and saw nothing.....several others showed-up as well and were very disappointed and mad that nothing was going on in Oceanside! This was handled VERY poorly by your management and I for one have lost faith in Amtrak's ability to organize itself for anything!! I will no longer be a participant in these events UNTIL Amtrak gets their #$%^ together and plans an event properly! I also feel that Amtrak should compensate me and others for all the time, gas and effort for getting down to Oceanside only to find out nothing was going on. I ask that Amtrak management contact me about this and explain why this happened but I feel this posting will get IGNORED and that I wasted my time.


Scott Rattray.


@Captainratman  Do you really think that Amtrak hosted the hundreds of events around the country?  They were hosted by the individual communities with support from Amtrak with the exception of the big Union Station events. If you want to complain, complain to the Oceanside authority in charge of the train station.

 I checked out Oecanside on nationaltrainday.com and nowhere does it state that there would be displays or exhibits of any kind - it states 'activities and giveaways for the whole family'.  Every city that chose to be involved had a different way that they celebrated. If there were exhibits or displays of any kind, the community listing stated that. In my town, they gave kids stickers and jr. conductor hats and the mayor made a National Train Day declaration when our train pulled in.

You assumed something without doing any simple investigating and to think that you deserve to be compensated for anything is nothing but silly.

Next time, check out http://www.nationaltrainday.com before you go.


@joanie_b @Captainratman  

Joanie, I really must ask this....do you work for Amtrak?  It certainly sounds like it.  In reality Amtrak hold DIRECT responsibility for all the events it is hosting whether or not the city hosts it directly or indirectly.  Amtrak also is responsible for any miscommunication on any of the activities it is hosting (directly or indirectly).  I did not assume anything Joanie.  I even try contacting Amtrak via e-mail a few weeks ago asking for specifics on their Oceanside event and received NO reply at all!  You are correct in that the Oceanside location Amtrak selected said "activities and giveaways for the whole family"......there were NO activities of any kind which is FALSE advertising!  Lastly, I checked with the city of Oceanside on their level of participation and other than giving their approval to Amtrak for conducting these "activities", they had no other part in National Train day nor were they asked to participate!  In reality, Amtrak will take my e-mail and file it in their trashcan because they really DON'T care about any feedback to this event (if you can call it that).  I would even accept a simple apology about their lack of planning, execution and communication at the Oceanside train station but I seriously doubt I will get it.  I will let you know if I do, however.  I will no longer participate in any future Amtrak events nor will I ride on Amtrak trains if I do not hear back from them.  My advise for Amtrak, communicate effectively the specifics on what each city THEY host will be doing and when instead of leaving its customers in the dark!!!  Enough said for now......