Best Month Ever!

Thank You

Thanks to the loyalty of our awesome passengers, March set a record as the best month ever in the history of Amtrak!

More than half of our routes saw ridership increases, and, as if that wasn’t enough ... we expect to end the fiscal year at or above last year’s record of 31.2 million passengers. That’s a lot of people, tons of trains, miles of rail and countless memories, and we couldn’t be more pumped to share the news with you!

An extra special shout out goes to our riders in the Northeast Corridor, who aren’t letting Superstorm Sandy slow them down. We expect that region to end the fiscal year above last year’s record, despite the storm! (And they say not to mess with Texas! Sheesh)

Lastly, since everyone likes a winner, we should mention that these are the top Amtrak routes in terms of ridership growth so far this fiscal year. We see you, Palmetto customers!

Top Amtrak Routes for Ridership Growth:

  1. Palmetto: New York City–Savannah, Ga.
  2. Coast Starlight: Seattle–Los Angeles
  3. Illini/Saluki: Chicago–Carbondale, Ill.
  4. San Joaquin: San Francisco–Bakersfield, Calif.
  5. Piedmont: Raleigh–Charlotte, N.C.
  6. Wolverine: Chicago–Pontiac, Mich.
  7. Vermonter: Washington–St. Albans, Vt.
  8. Carolinian: New York City–Charlotte. N.C.
  9. Keystone Service: New York City–Harrisburg, Pa.
  10. Springfield Shuttles: Springfield, Mass.,–New Haven, Conn.
  11. Downeaster: Boston–Brunswick, Me.
  12. Pacific Surfliner: San Luis Obispo, Calif., –San Diego, Calif.
  13. Pennsylvanian: New York City–Pittsburgh, Pa.

FY 2013 (Oct. 2012 – March 2013)


I believe that the Cardinal would top that list if they would start running it more than three days a week.  I LOVE train travel, but the way this train runs makes it very restricting, I ride a WHOLE lot, and would probably ride more if they would run it more.  It also is always over crowded, and sold out, doesn't that maybe just give you a little hint that you need to upgrade it??  I see so many other trains running more often, adding more cars, adding more routes, but of course, West "by God" Virginia is last as usual!!  Come on AMTRAK, let's get this route on the ball!!  

Amtrak moderator

@KristyGravelyRoberson Thanks for your support! We get lots of requests to extend service with our individual state partners. You can officially share your suggestion with us at