‘Ain’t No Sense in Lying’

Amtrak Cook at Test Kitchen

This is “Chef Tony.” Tony loves to cook. But Tony REALLY loves to cook ribs.

“Ain’t no sense in lying,” he says. “I’m a Southern boy, so I gotta have my ribs.”

Tony is a chef in the kitchens aboard Amtrak’s long-distance trains out of Los Angeles. Those are the trains that run from Chicago to LA and LA to Austin and Dallas.

Chefs like him are responsible for the hot, made-to-order meals that are served in our dining cars. If you haven’t ever eaten a hot Amtrak meal on one of our trains, go here to see what you’re missing.

“It’s my chosen profession,” says Tony, who went to culinary school in LA. “I’ve been working for the railroad ever since, and it’s been fantastic.”

Tony has a true passion for food and because of that has been serving up hot dishes to customers in Amtrak’s dining cars for almost 25 years. In fact, he's one of Amtrak's best chefs and even has the award to prove it!

When we met up with him at the Amtrak test kitchen, he was working along side culinary greats like Michel Richard and Tom Douglas, dreaming up new dishes for our long-distance services.

As a surprise plot twist, Tony did not actually make ribs in the Amtrak test kitchen. Instead he plated roast pork served with mash potatoes and vegetables, which he calls Sweet and Sour.

Chef Tony's Sweet & Sour


Chef Tony is my Chef on  the South West Chief. That is his Sayin.,....  Ain"t no sense in lying... We have been together for a long time. We use to be over on the Sunset limited. Tony is a GREAT Chef. He takes pride in his work.  I am proud to be his Steward and i love working with him.  


I have had the ribs on the Sunset Limited and they were wonderful. Anytime you can cut through a piece of meat such as ribs and brisket with a plastic fork, it's very tender.  Keep up the great meals on our trains.  Makes you feel like you are having a good home cooked dinner.  I have also had the salmon on the Southwest Chief and it was also delicious.  Would love to know what the crusted topping was because I would try to make it at home.


Ain't no sense in lying - I think the Salmon on the Southwest Chief is the best railroad meal there is!

Amtrak moderator

@GwenConner  Thanks so much for the kind words. Our cooks work hard behind the scenes to deliver delicious meals to our customers. As for the recipe, it's an old Amtrak family secret ;)


Not a problem, it's just delicious and I always order it when it's on the menu. I ate it at each dinner meal going and coming that's how much I loved it. Continued success.