How to Check a Train Status

How to Check a Train Status

Did you know there are several simple and easy ways to check your train status?

No matter where you are in the country, passengers can always visit, click “Status” and enter a few key pieces of information to check when a train is arriving.

Or, if you’re on the move and have a smartphone, you can download our app for free! It only requires a city and train number to give you the status.

 This comes in handy when …

  • Your family wants to know when to pick you up from the station
  • You have a big business meeting when you arrive at your destination
  • You’re experiencing severe weather that might impact your train’s schedule
  • You’re timing how long your train trip is
  • You need to pick someone else up from the station and need to know when to arrive
  • You’re coordinating with multiple friends all meeting in the same city
  • You’re really nosy and want to know when a colleague’s train arrives
  • Your crush is on the train and you might “accidentally run into him/her at the station” (100% coincidence!)
  • You’re testing the classic mathematical word problem of two trains leaving Chicago for Kalamazoo
  • You’ve won the lottery while on a train trip and need to know when to tell the TV cameras to meet you with the huge check
  • Or, you know, you just want to know when your train will get in

no 21 from hope, arkansas to fort worth, texas

Michael Gallagher
Michael Gallagher

I want to know the status of my train. No 160 from new London to back bay Boston


I want to know the status my train. No 141 from NRO to Trenton